Right Place, Right Time: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Home for the Second Half of Life

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Place plays a significant yet often unacknowledged role in health and happiness.


The right place elevates personal well-being. It can help promote purpose, facilitate human connection, catalyze physical activity, support financial health, and inspire community engagement. Conversely, the wrong place can be detrimental to health, as the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted. In Right Place, Right Time, Ryan Frederick argues that where you live matters enormously—especially during the second half of your life.

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Ryan Frederick, a recognized thought leader on the intersection of place and healthy longevity, and the CEO of Here, provides you with tools to evaluate your living situation, ensuring that you weigh all the necessary factors to make a sound decision that optimizes your current and future well-being. He explores the pros and cons of different living options, from remaining in your current home to downsizing, intergenerational living, co-housing, senior living, and more. Along the way, he helps readers answer important questions, including “Are you already in the right place?” and “In what areas does your current place not align with your needs and desires?”

The rest of the book unpacks specific options for choosing your place, beginning with considerations for regions and neighborhoods and then looking at specific housing models. It also explains how housing is changing, particularly from a technology, health, and health care perspective. The book closes by challenging the reader to be disciplined in choosing the right place at the right time.

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Combining real-life stories about people choosing their places to live with design thinking principles and interactive tools, Right Place, Right Time will appeal to empty nesters, retirees, solo agers, and even adult children who are seeking ways to support their parents and loved ones.

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