Here helps organizations craft and execute strategies in an ever-changing business landscape.


An Era of Change

As we live longer, new ways of thinking, new modes of operation and new business strategies are needed to deliver solutions that keep people not only surviving longer, but thriving longer. Existing organizations need to create and execute on innovative strategies appropriate for this new era and startups must understand the business ecosystem and needs of the consumer in order to succeed.


Who we work with:

Hospitals and Health Systems / Senior Living Providers / Skilled Nursing Facilities / Institutional Investors / Insurers and Payers / Suppliers / Technology Providers / Health and Community Associations / Real Estate Owners and Developers


Consulting Services

Here provides a range of consulting solutions to help businesses and organizations stay ahead and take advantage of a changing environment.



We provide an in-depth analysis of your company or organization and create a strategic plan so you can move forward seamlessly in today’s environment.

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Whether you have a strategic plan already or we have created one for you, we act as your partner in implementation and project management to ensure that your plan is well executed for today and tomorrow.

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We organize workshops and keynote talks for executive teams, boards and staff with a focus on present and imminent changes in the aging and longevity fields. Workshops are tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

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SmartLiving 360 was an absolute difference maker for Clark. Their industry insights and guidance in creating our four pillar strategic plan have allowed us to be a disruptive force in our community.

– Brian Pangle, President/CEO, Clark and Member of Novare

SmartLiving 360 has brought deep industry expertise, a results orientation, and collaborative spirit to get our Skilled Nursing Facility Alliance off the ground and producing early returns.

– Jeff Goldman, Executive Director, Nexus Montgomery

SmartLiving 360 has been a committed partner with Keswick through multiple strategic planning cycles using deep subject expertise and insights to facilitate reaching our goals.

– Carmel Roques, President/CEO, Keswick and Chair Elect of Lifespan Network

The perspective that SmartLiving 360 brings in strategy, finance and operations coupled with their passion for innovation has been instrumental for us. As an industry, we need more of the visionary leadership SmartLiving 360 provides.

– Joel Treffert, Executive Vice President, Direct Supply

Through the efforts of Ryan Frederick, SmartLiving 360 has brought deep knowledge and insights of the post-acute environment to a regional collaboration of hospitals to help improve quality and reduce readmissions.

– Dr. Yancy Philips, Chief Quality Officer, Mid-Atlantic Health System


Anne Arundel Medical Center


The Challenge:

Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) is a leading hospital in Maryland. AAMC is increasingly focused on the “triple aim” of healthcare: raising quality, reducing cost per capita and improving population health. In a strategic review, AAMC identified post-acute skilled nursing facilities and rehab as a high priority gap area to focus on. The opportunity was to improve quality and lower cost from SNF providers in its market.



The Solution:

Working closely with the Office of Strategic Planning and a broader cross functional team over a twelve month period, SmartLiving 360 helped outline a strategy for improving performance among SNF and rehab providers, create a rigorous process to identify and attract best-in-class providers and define a structure for AAMC to manage providers in the future. In the end, a Preferred Provider Program (PPP) was created of a narrow set of select post-acute skilled nursing facilities.



Services Provided:

· Strategic Analysis and Planning

· Implementation and Project Management

· Industry Workshop for Executive Team


“SmartLiving 360 was instrumental in helping bring our broad team together to create an effective strategy and implementation plan for aligning with post-acute providers in our geography.”


- Paula Widerlite, Chief Strategy Officer, Anne Arundel Medical Center





The Challenge:

Broadmead is a leading, not-for-profit senior living community in the greater Baltimore metropolitan market. While a successful community for decades, Broadmead needed a new vision and strategic plan to best position the community and its residents for success in the future.





The Solution:

Working closely with the new CEO and executive team, SmartLiving 360 embarked on a rigorous and data intensive effort to create a new, rolling three-year strategic plan for the community. This effort galvanized the leadership team, board and residents around a new, exciting vision and has helped fuel improved performance, including growth. SmartLiving 360 has been an ongoing partner, serving as a senior living consultant, to help update the plan and assist with the execution when needed.



Services Provided:

· Strategic Analysis and Planning
· Implementation and Project Management
· Industry Workshop for Executive Team
· Retreat Facilitator


“SmartLiving 360 has been a highly trusted and thoughtful partner for years. Their leadership in helping us create and iterate on our rolling three year strategic plan has been one of the keys of our recent success.”


- John Howl, President and CEO, Broadmead


Teleon Health



The Challenge:

Teleon is a Silicon Valley-based technology start-up aimed at helping post-acute and other providers in the health ecosystem better and more securely communicate amongst professionals and with patients. Teleon has strong technical expertise and a robust platform but needed to refine its go-to-market strategy and business development execution.




The Solution:

Working closely with the co-founder and CEO, SmartLiving 360 helped improve the value proposition and brand positioning to be more attractive to the long-term and post-acute care market. SmartLiving 360 also helped identify target customers and outreach opportunities which were valuable part of Teleon’s go-to-market plan.






Services Provided:

· Strategic Analysis and Planning

· Implementation Support

· Go-to-market Strategy


“Our technical expertise and robust platform are very important but so are telling our story and identifying the best customers for us to target. SmartLiving 360 has been instrumental in helping us better understand the market and reach our go-to-market goals.”


- Kijoon Lee, Co-Founder and CEO, Telon Health


Industry Writings on Solutions with Purpose


SmartLiving 360 regularly develops industry white papers pertaining to the aging and longevity field. Below are some representative thought pieces.

Ensuring Collaboratives are Collaborative


Closer coordination between hospitals and post-acute providers is critical to reducing costs, improving quality and enhancing population health. However, making such collaboratives truly collaborative is harder than it sounds. This paper outlines why collaboration is essential and what hospitals and post-acute providers can do to ensure mutual success.


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Making Innovation Work


A blueprint for organizations in health-care, post-acute continuum and senior living to simultaneously prepare for today and tomorrow. This piece details fundamental changes in the years ahead and strategies to use innovation as a vehicle to exploit these changes in a measured, risk-taking way.



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Why Aging in Place Matters


Aging in place is a stated preference for most people. This piece unpacks key implications of aging in place, reviews several possible solutions and maps a plan of possible next steps for key stakeholders. (Note: this white paper focuses on the impact of aging in place within senior living.)



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Full-Circle Services



Our senior living consultant will provide strategic planning, implementation, and project management services to a wide range of clients.

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We develop, retrofit and operate residential communities with a focus on enhancing residents’ well-being.

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We publish engaging content, give keynote talks and facilitate dialogue on thriving in the Age of Longevity.

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